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TeaMorrow COVID-19 Update

NEW UPDATE as of June 15, 2020 
As LA County COVID-19 restrictions are being lifted, surrounding businesses are beginning to open for dining-in. Despite these permissions, TeaMorrow wants to continue to uphold the greatest precautions, and we will not be open for dining-in until further notice. 

However, we have just updated our ordering options and store layout to allow for a more efficient and welcoming experience: In-store/Walk-in orders will now be accepted, and our floor plan was just updated to allow customers into our store’s space. 
Using our online ordering system is still highly RECOMMENDED. 

Public health and social distancing precautions will be maintained at all times. 

As of April 21, 2020


12pm - 8pm | Mon - Sun

TAKE-OUT (Order Ahead, Grab & Go) (Contactless & Most Popular)

626-460-6260 (Onsite Payment, Cards Only)






TeaMorrow wants to say a big “Thank you!” to all our supporters. You guys keep us going! In light of the current situation and following CDC guidelines, TeaMorrow wants to make sure we continue to take the highest precautions in keeping our beloved guests, staff and community safe. 




All staff is equipped with PPE. Frequent hand washing and sanitizing is enforced. High touch surfaces are frequently disinfected. On site, we have also marked safe 6-ft distances, and we constantly remind everyone to keep a safe distance and limit contact. In addition, we clean and disinfect incoming inventory as part of our protocols. 




Phone orders are still accepted, but we highly recommend using our website for the ACCURATE (in order to not be misheard over the phone), EFFICIENT (immediate order printout instead of manual input) and CONTACTLESS (no payment onsite) TeaMorrow experience. More information on our online ordering system can be found HERE. 




During this time, operations within TeaMorrow and amongst our staff are quickly changing. We are taking this current situation very seriously and we really appreciate your understanding of all changes made (layout, protocols and business model). 


We are ever grateful for your support and cooperation, during this time especially. As a big TeaMorrow family, we are in this together. 


6ft Air Hug,

TeaMorrow Family

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